I'm Way Late, But I'm on the Whole Brain Teaching Bandwagon

I know WBT is yesterday's news and it's certainly not a *new* concept, but it's new in my world. Since I'm a first grade teacher now, I have to completely shift my thinking. I love it.

WBT is amazing and it just makes sense. If delivered properly, WBT WILL truly engage ALL of your students. They don't have a choice. It's responding, participating in discussions, moving, singing, and even becoming little teachers as they teach their friends about the new concepts they are learning by summarizing what they are learning. I LOVE this concept and I'm going to try my best to implement it this year, starting with day one. So much planning to do!

I wanted to share this video because this chick is amazing. Love her teaching style and she makes it look very easy. I know a lot went into teaching these kids how to do this, but it seems like once the frontloading is done, keeping up with it is simple. Enjoy!